Uplifted wave-cut notch, Greece (pan)

coastal erosion, Crete, limestone, seismology, paleoseismology, seismic

Wave-cut bench, New Zealand

uplifted platform

Fault scarps along Wasatch FZ, Utah

recent, active faulting, paleoseismicity

Tilted marine terrace, N. Cal.


Owens Valley fault scarp, CA.

boulders, recent faulting, paleoseismicity

Wineglass Canyon and fault

Perhaps the most dramatic evidence for recent faulting along the Black Mountains front is the sheer suddenness of the valley-mountain transition --and the linear nature of the fault. This photo also shows a wineglass canyon. The "wineglass" shape derives from the relatively open nature of the canyon at its upper reaches (the "bowl") and its narrow, steep mouth (the "stem"). Wineglass Canyons also indicate recent uplift because uplift at the canyon mouth keeps pace with erosion and maintains a steep gradient. (ID: SrA-07)


Triangular facets, Oregon (pan)

paleoseismicity, RGO