Welcome to my site! It presents more than 4500 images that cover a broad range of geological features and processes, all searchable by keywords. You can also peruse the galleries to get an idea of what’s here–but I’ve intentionally kept those pretty limited. Please also take a look at my blog, on which I post the occasional geology missive –with plenty of photos! You can take a quick tour of the site through my Oct 6, 2017 blog post.

I’ve been fascinated by geology since being an undergraduate at Colorado College in the early 1980’s –and I’ve loved photography since high school. I maintained my love for photography all through my years in grad school –and probably took much too long to complete my PhD (University of Washington, 1992) because of it. But now, as an instructor at the University of Oregon, I get to do both geology and photography!

I’ve lived in Eugene for over 20 years. Some of my projects have been writing “Roadside Geology of Oregon”, published in 2014 (RG Oregon book on Amazon), and “Roadside Geology of Washington”, which I did with Darrel Cowan of the University of Washington, released in October, 2017. Most recently, I wrote “Oregon Rocks! A guide to 60 Amazing Geologic Sites” (April, 2021) and “Colorado Rocks!” with Magdalena Donahue (October, 2021).

And special thanks to Kathleen Istudor of Wildwood SEO for creating this site!

Using my photos:

Personal: I posted the images at resolutions appropriate for PowerPoint presentations –so please feel free to download any that you might need for personal, educational, or otherwise non-commercial use. Please do give me credit, and if you post any of the images on the internet, please also give a link to this site.

Commercial Projects: I can also provide high resolution jpegs of any of these images for publication in commercial projects. For textbooks, I typically give one time North American or World rights to images and can negotiate fees depending on the project.

Understand that this site contains only a fraction of my collection, so if you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact me and I will see if I can find it. Also feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the images.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy the photos.


Geologic Time Pics photographer Marli Miller.

Published in 2014, this book was a 4-year project, in which I drove all the roads, studied and photographed the geology, and then wrote about it. I’m grateful to Mountain Press for doing such an awesome job in turning it into a book that I’m really proud of. Click on the image to read some of the reviews on Amazon!