Images from latest trip push resource to 2500+

Happy Thanksgiving! I just got back from visiting my daughter in Denver –and just before that had been driving through parts of Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia –and taking photos of rocks! After adding the good ones to this site, I saw that the keyword search now accesses more than 2500 images. Yay! The site’s growing!

I had two especially great days for geology photography. The first was a field trip in and around the Grandfather Mountain Window near Boone, North Carolina. I photographed a variety of structural and metamorphic features, including mylonites, stretched pebble conglomerates, and augen gneiss. The other was Thanksgiving Day itself, when I went to Dinosaur Ridge near Denver, Colorado and walked along dipping beds of sandstone of the Cretaceous Dakota Formation. Wow… ripples, dinosaur footprints, block-glide failures.

And they’re all here–Please take a look!