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Hi from Dillon, Montana

Field camp, 2019 It’s our last day in Dillon –we’ve been here for about the last ten days, mostly focused […]

Happy June 1

Seeing that I’ve gotten so far behind in “news” for my website, I thought I’d celebrate June 1 a day […]

And now it’s late August?

My goal this summer was to take it easy and learn how to relax. I’m not sure I’ve succeeded because […]

Hi from …June?

June 12, 2018. Yikes! My last post was in January? A lot’s happened since. Among other things, I’ve traveled to […]

Hi from New Zealand!

I’ve been here on the North Island a week now –first Auckland, and now Rotorua. Tomorrow we go to Turangi […]

Fresh photos!

October 16, 2017. I guess I’m excited at this new site. I just posted 5 new photos that I shot […]

Welcome to Geology Pics!

Today’s October 4, 2017 –this site went live just yesterday. I’m still making some finishing touches, but I suspect those […]