Hi from …June?

June 12, 2018. Yikes! My last post was in January?

A lot’s happened since. Among other things, I’ve traveled to Greece on a U of Oregon geology field trip, spent nearly 2 weeks in Death Valley, traveled to North Carolina to give a talk at Appalachian State University –and taken a lot of photos that I’ve put on the website –which now accesses more than 3000 images! Here’s one of my favorites, from a long hike in the Grand Canyon in mid-May:


The photo shows the angular unconformity between the Cambrian Transgressive Sequence and tilted Proterozoic rock in the Grand Canyon–what’s more, the Tapeats Sandstone, at the base of the Cambrian, pinches out against the brown knob of Shinumo Quartzite on the right, which persisted as an island during the Cambrian Transgression. I blogged about unconformities too –have a look!

It’s now less than ten days before the summer solstice. I’ve intentionally NOT been making plans as I’m hoping to slow things down a bit. Still, I’m planning trips to Maine in July, maybe Iceland in early September, and Death Valley in November–not to mention shorter Oregon trips to photograph things for my new book project.