And now it’s late August?

My goal this summer was to take it easy and learn how to relax. I’m not sure I’ve succeeded because I still feel this urge to blast off to work as soon as I get up. I’ve been working on my “Oregon Rocks!” book, consistently, but making slow progress just the same. I posted a vignette about Devil’s Punchbowl on my blog on July 23 –and today posted one about Hug Point. Both these places, on the Oregon Coast, will be included in my book –and they’re both pretty amazing. Please take a look!

And I’ve been trying to get the word out about this website through Instagram. I’m not sure if that’s working, but I’m having fun? And the other day I posted my first photo that attained more than 1000 views.  Yay! It’s of this rock: A disharmonically folded gneiss.

But the big news, is that I leave for … Iceland in just a few days! Yes… I do plan to take a lot of photos –and I’ll post them here after I’m back. In the meantime, check me out on Instagram! Try “GeologyEverywhere“. Woohoo!