New blog post, new images, OMSI Science Pubs!

It’s October 13, 2017. Yesterday, I posted a new blog entry about Mauna Loa Volcano–a post that I’m pretty proud of considering that I worked really hard to get the photos. It was a 41 mile, 4 day trek from about 7000 feet above elevation to well over 13,000. It was amazing and fun and hard.

And last night I gave a slide show/lecture about Oregon and Washington’s geology at Eugene’s “Science Pub”, which went really well. The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry sponsors it and they typically get really good turnouts. I had more than 150 people there! I gave a similar talk this last Monday in Corvallis –and will be giving it as another Science Pub in Portland on November 2.

Then today I added some 45 new images to the site! Among others, they include aerial shots of the monocline that makes up the San Rafael Swell in Utah, a ghost forest in Washington, and some hot springs in Yellowstone.