Uplifted wave-cut notch, Greece (pan)

coastal erosion, Crete, limestone, seismology, paleoseismology, seismic

Wave-cut bench, New Zealand

uplifted platform

Fault scarps along Wasatch FZ, Utah

recent, active faulting, paleoseismicity

Tilted marine terrace, N. Cal.


Wineglass Canyon, Wasatch FZ ,Utah

fault-bounded, active, fault-controlled

Owens Valley fault scarp, CA.

boulders, recent faulting, paleoseismicity, active, fault-controlled

Wineglass Canyon, Death Valley, CA.

Playa and tilted fault block, Nevada. (ID: SrA-06)

fault-bounded, recent faulting, active

Wasatch Mtns, E edge of Basin-Range

The eastern edge: Mt. Timpanogos, in the Wasatch Range of Utah. Mt. Timpanogos is the second highest peak of the Wasatch Range, at an elevation of 11749'. The Wasatch Range rises along the Wasatch fault, which is an active fault, and so poses a significant earthquake hazard to the Salt Lake City region. As evidence of recent faulting, two wineglass canyons can be seen behind the fault on the right side of the photo. (ID: 477-89)


Triangular facets, Oregon (pan)

paleoseismicity, RGO, recent faulting, active, fault-controlled

Fault-bounded ridges and Klamath Lake, Oregon

Basin and Range, crustal extension, fault-controlled

fault-bounded mountain front, Utah

paleoseismicity, fault-controlled