Tidal channels in estuary, Maine

rivers, streams

Meander loop, New Jersey


Mississippi River Delta, Louisiana

distributaries, distributary, coastal subsidence, Gulf of Mexico, bayous

Floodplain in Wyoming

fluvial, oxbows, abandoned channels

Fringing Reef, Grand Cayman Island

shallow marine

Coral Reef

shallow marine

Sand spit. Dungeness Spit, Washington

longshore drift

Sandy Beach and mangrove swamps, Fl

Delta in Subalpine Lake, Canadian Rockies

Delta in Subalpine Lake


Lake Delta, Wyoming


Braided River channel, Alaska

sand, gravel, sediment

Sand blowing off dune, California

eolian, windblown

Sand Dunes. Eureka Dunes, SE Cal.

Eureka Sand Dunes

Wind ripples and dunes, Death Valley, California

eolian, windblown

Alluvial fan, Death Valley, CA

Alluvial fan

sediment, gravel, depositon, canyon mouth, mountains

Meander on Sacramento River Delta, CA


Meander bend and point bar, Oregon

Salt deposits on playa, Oregon

Lake. Klamath Lake, Oregon

Umpqua River estuary, Oregon