Transposed quartz veins in schist

metamorphic, metamorphism, tectonite, ductile deformation

Bedding and slaty cleavage, Tennessee

refracting, cleavage refraction, Appalachians, Mountains

Deformed dike in mylonite

foliation, mylonite

Bedding and foliation

metamorphic foliation, metasedimentary

Coexisting ductile and brittle behavior

foliation, metamorphism, metamorphic, fracture, flow

Sheath fold in marble.

metamorphism, deformation, ductility, calcite, passive folding,

Recumbent fold in marble.

ductiley deformed, deformation, metamorphic, metamorphosed, passive folding

Anticline-syncline pair

folds, folding

stretching lineations

mylonite, ductile shear zone, crystal-plastic