Steam and hydrothermal alteration, Iceland

geothermal energy

Karstic spring, Crete, Greece (vertical)


Exposed water table in quarry, Spokane, WA

Springs issuing from basalt (Pan)

surface water resources, hydrology

Gravel quarry, CA.

mining, open-pit, groundwater. Resources

Water monitoring of spring (vertical)


Groundwater staining along fractures

granite, groundwater, oxidation, alteration, weathering

Cave speleothems, Oregon (square)


Hot Spring and sinter deposits

groundwater, geothermal

Desert spring along fault, Death Valley

Badwater Spring and fault scarp

paleoseismicity, groundwater, recent faulting, active

Sinter and hot spring (vertical)


Crop circles, Idaho

agriculture, ground water, irrigation, arid, groundwater

Irrigation of potato fields, Idaho

agriculture, groundwater resources

Sinkhole, central Florida

Karst, weathering and erosion