Lower Curtis Glacier and Crevasses, Washington

Lower Curtis Glacier and cirque, Washington

Glacier, glacier toe, and lake, Iceland

snout, rainbow

Ice, breaking up in northern Canada

global warming, climate change

Glaciated peaks and features, Greenland

Glacial fjords, Norway (vertical)


Hanging valley and fjord, Norway


Glacial till, northern Washinton

sediments, drift

Roche Moutonee, Yosemite NP, Cal.

Lembert Dome reaches for the sky in Yosemite.

Pleistocene, glacier, glaciation, Lambert, granite, granodiorite national park, California

Glacial peaks, North Cascades, WA

crevasses, ice

Glacial till, Sierra Nevada, California

glacial deposit

Glacial moraine, Sierra Nevada

glacial deposit, landform

Glacial erratic, Rhode Island

granite, glacial deposit

Glacial cirque, tarn, and headwall, Colorado.

Glacier Calving Ice, Banff NP, Canada

Glacier Calving Ice

crevasses, equilibrium line, ice

Mergerie Glacier, Alaska

seawater, ice

Cirques, horns, and aretes, Greenland


Glacier, cirque, and headwall, Yukon

ice, glacial erosion

Tributary and trunk glaciers, Greenland


Glacial valley, Glacier NP, Montana