Incised Meanders, SE Utah (square)..

erosion, desert, aerial, entrenched, canyons

Wildwood Falls, Oregon

Wildwood Falls and basalt, Oregon

waterfalls, stream, water, volcanic

Nooksack Falls, North Cascades Washington.

Nooksack Falls, North Cascades Washington.

water, waterfalls, sedimentary

Mojave Desert, California (Pan)

Southward views of Amargosa Valley in the vicinity of Eagle Mountain. Eagle Mountain lies just south of Ash Meadows, where the Amargosa River gets its start. Aerial view of Eagle Mountain, a tilted fault block, in the center of the Amargosa Valley. Here, the Amargosa River empties out of a large playa.

playa, evaporite, arid

Blueschist Block (vertical)

High tide pulling sea stacks toward a blueschist block on Bandon Beach, Oregon

seastacks, metamorphism, subduction zone, metamorphic, erosion, sand, coastline, Pacific

Basaltic Headland, Oregon

The southernmost coastal exposure of Columbia River Basalt Group in Seal Rock, Oregon.

This particular body is actually intrusive. dike, igneous,

Monument Valley, Utah (pan)

Monument Valley

Weathered and eroded, these isolated rock formations make up Monument Valley in southeastern Utah and northern Arizona. Formed by sandstone deposits and geologic uplift, the valley’s buttes and mesas sit around 5,600 feet above sea level and spans roughly 91,700 acres. (Image ID# desert)

Sea Stacks, Bandon, Oregon (pan)

Sea stacks overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

erosion, Pacific ocean, coast, sand, water, reflection

folded ribbon chert (Pan)

Folded radiolarian chert contains billions of microscopic fossils from plankton that were most commonly found in nutrient-rich ocean waters. These skeletons of single-celled plankton are called radiolaria.

Panorama of folded beds of Jurassic-Cretaceous age radiolarian chert found in Marin Headlands, California (170326-42)

Folded radiolarian (ribbon) chert

Overturned anticline and syncline in radiolarian chert.

anticline, syncline, structural geology, sedimentary Marin Headlands, California. Photo is 2 meters across. (Image ID # 111205-12)

Folded radiolarian chert (Vertical)

Overturned folded radiolarian chert

anticline, syncline, structural geology, sedimentary