Mojave Desert, California (Pan)

Southward views of Amargosa Valley in the vicinity of Eagle Mountain. Eagle Mountain lies just south of Ash Meadows, where the Amargosa River gets its start. Aerial view of Eagle Mountain, a tilted fault block, in the center of the Amargosa Valley. Here, the Amargosa River empties out of a large playa.

playa, evaporite, arid

cross-cutting relations in canyon wall

Panamint Valley in Death Valley National Park

Paleozoic rock is folded because of the Late Paleozoic-early Mesozoic compressional mountain-building; it is intruded by Jurassic age granitic rock, an early phase of Sierran magmatism that took place just to the west; the granitic rock is overlain by Late Cenozoic basalt flows, and everything is cut by a normal (extensional) fault. (Image ID#rainbowunconf-noteslr)

cross-cutting relations (pan)

A rainbow unconformity in the Mojave Desert.

A canyon wall on west side of Panamint Valley in SE California –part of Death Valley National Park. (Image ID# pan-rainbowunconf)