Multiple landslide tracks, SE Alaska

Rocky coastline and breaking wave, Iceland

Waterfall and gorge, Iceland (vertical)

erosion, waterfalls

Rock Avalanche deposit (vertical)

sedimentary, Grand Canyon National Park, desert, mass wasting, talus, erosion

Arch in granitic rock, CA

weathering, granite, artsy

Seastack and shorebirds

coastal erosion

Landslide hummocks in volcanic crater

mass wasting, erosion, hammocks, debris flow, rock avalanche, volcanic hazards

Paleosol beneath andesite flow, New Mexico

ancient soil

Hogback Ridges near Mora, New Mexico

differential erosion, resistant, rule of vs

Sandstone cliff and fallen rocks, Nevada

mass wasting, erosion, rockfall

Sandstone tower, Arizona (vertical)


Recent rock avalanche

sandstone cliffs, rock fall, mass wasting, erosion

Talus and basalt scablands, Washington

CRBG, coarse sediment, colluvium, columns, columnar, colonnade

Corestone in granitic rock, Montana

Grus, disintegrated granitic rock, Montana

Granitic core stones, Montana

Incised Meanders, SE Utah (square)..

erosion, desert, aerial, entrenched, canyons