Incised Meanders, SE Utah (square)..

erosion, desert, aerial, entrenched, canyons

Monument Valley, Utah (pan)

Monument Valley

Weathered and eroded, these isolated rock formations make up Monument Valley in southeastern Utah and northern Arizona. Formed by sandstone deposits and geologic uplift, the valley’s buttes and mesas sit around 5,600 feet above sea level and spans roughly 91,700 acres. (Image ID# desert)

Entrenched Meander, SE Utah

Entrenched Meander

differential erosion, stair-stepped topography, canyon, desert, arid

Joint-Controlled Erosion

Joint-Controlled Erosion

fractures, joints

Joint Controlled Erosion

Joint Controlled Erosion

Joint controlled erosion, SE Utah. (ID # WE-10)

Differential Erosion

Differential Erosion

Differential erosion, Bryce Canyon NP, Utah. (ID # WE-06)

Arch eroded from fins, SE Utah

Arch and Fin

erosion, weathering, joints controlled

Sandstone Arch, SE Utah

Sandstone Arch

Sandstone Arch, SE Utah. (ID WE-04)

Sandstone Fins

Sandstone Fins

fracture-controlled erosion, ridges

Sandstone Arch, Utah

Delicate Arch


Nonconformity, Utah

Precambrian-Cambrian Nonconformity

Tintic Quartzite, unconformity, strata

Canyon exposing multiple rock units, Utah

Needles District of Canyonlands National Park Utah

Thousands of feet of sedimentary rock, exposed in the canyons of Southeast Utah, attest to great lengths of geologic time. This particular canyon is in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. (Image ID# we-141)