Tilted Paleozoic strata, Nevada

dipping, stratified

Beach boulders and breaking wave, Iceland

erosion, rounded coarse sediment

Tufa at Mono Lake, California

pluvial, Pleistocene

Boulder-sized clast in sandstone


Channel deposit in sandstone


Wind-deposited sandstone, Nevada

Cretaceous ripples in sandstone.

sedimentary structures

Graded turbidite beds -overturned

strata,s edimentary, sandstone, shale

Gilbert-style delta, Washington


Oolitic limestone

oolites, ooids, ooliths, spheres, Precambrian sedimentary

Cross-bedded sandstone (vertical)

Slackwater deposits, Washington

salt casts in mudstone

sedimentary, red, phyllite, white mica, Precambrian

Tufa towers, Mono Lake, California

Tufa towers overlooking Mono Lake.

sedimentary, chemical, deposition, precipitation,

Glacial Dropstone

Snowball Earth, lonestone, sedimentary, Precambrian, diamicton

Turbidites near Pacifica, California


Load casts.


Photomicrograph of quartz sandstone

sedimentary, thin section

Eolian cross-bedding

sedimentary, windblown, dunes

Overlapping debris flow deposits