Wildwood Falls, Oregon

Wildwood Falls and basalt, Oregon

waterfalls, stream, water, volcanic

Blueschist Block (vertical)

High tide pulling sea stacks toward a blueschist block on Bandon Beach, Oregon

seastacks, metamorphism, subduction zone, metamorphic, erosion, sand, coastline, Pacific

Basaltic Headland, Oregon

The southernmost coastal exposure of Columbia River Basalt Group in Seal Rock, Oregon.

This particular body is actually intrusive. dike, igneous,

Sea Stacks, Bandon, Oregon (pan)

Sea stacks overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

erosion, Pacific ocean, coast, sand, water, reflection

Rock Avalanche (vertical)

Rock Avalanche

erosion, mass wasting, gravity

Fractures near head of landslide (vertical)


mass wasting, gravity, cracks

Slate of the Galice Formation, OR

Slate of the Galice Formation, OR

RGO, metamorphic

Mudstone-matrix melange, OR

Mudstone-matrix melange


Stream Cobbles Oregon

Cobbles, Cave Junction, OR

sedimentary deposit, gravel, river RGO

Crater Lake caldera, Oregon (Pan)

The Watchmen over Wizard Island.

volcanic, volcano, Cascade volcanoes

Welded pumice, Crater Lake, Oregon

Pumice over Cleetwood rhyolite.


Phantom Ship in Crater Lake, Oregon

Sunrise over Crater Lake and Phantom Ship.

volcanic, volcano, Cascade volcanoes

Basin and Ranges Pluvials

Pleistocene lakes of Southern Oregon

Distribution of Pleistocene lakes in the southern Oregon Basin and Range (Image ID# basin-and-ranges-pluvials2)

Salt-covered playa, southern Oregon

Blue sky over salt deposits at Lake Abert.

alkali minerals, pluvial lake

Birds along briney creek, Lake Abert, Oregon

Due to the high salinity and alkali content, Lake Albert is uninhabitable for fish. However, this environment is perfect for brine shrimp and as a result, the lake provides an excellent habitat for a variety of shore birds. (Image ID# 140621-103)