Tumuli in basalt flow, Iceland


Cinder cone exposed by coastal erosion

Lake-filled explosion crater, New Zealand

hydrothermal, volcanic hazards

Sulfur chimneys and fumaroles

steam vents, sulfur mineralization, sulphur

Large block in ash flow tuff, Colorado

pyroclastic, ignimbrite, volcanic

Columnar-jointed basalt, Oregon

lava, dwshed, columns, columnar, colonnade

Pillow basalt, Olympic Mountains, Washington


Mt. St. Helens stratovolcano, Washington

Cascade volcanoes

Lava Flows of Columbia River Basalt Group, Washington

CRBG, columns, columnar, colonnade

Bandelier Tuff, Los Alamos, New Mexico

volcanic, ash flow tuff, welded, pyroclastic

Thurston Lava Tube, Hawaii

basaltic, volcanic

Flowing pahoehoe, Hawaii. (vertical)

Flowing pahoehoe lava flow

basalt, volcanic, igneous, hot spot

Cross-section of cinder cone, SE California.

igneous, explosive volcanic, volcanism

Pahoehoe lava, Hawaii.

volcanic, basaltic, mafic, igneous, extrusive

Pahoehoe and Pele’s Hair, Hawaii.

ropy, volcanic, igneous

Crater Lake and Wizard Island, Oregon

volcanic, Cascade volcanoes