Tilted fault block, SE California.

View southward over Eagle Mtn.

normal fault, crustal extension, desert, arid

Lake Tecopa, a playa in southern CA

View of Tecopa Basin, the south end of the Amargosa Valley. From the top of Tecopa Peak, one gets a wonderful view of the south end of the Amargosa Valley. In the middleground lies Lake Tecopa, surrounded by Plio-Pliestocene lake bed deposits. The mountains in the background are the Resting Spring Range (closest) and the Nopah Range. Both consist of predominantly Cambrian rock that has been tilted and faulted during crustal extension.

Desert River, Mojave Desert, California

Desert River. Amargosa River, SE California.

Badlands, Mojave Desert, California

View of eroded lake beds of China Ranch. Just beyond the southern edge of the Amargosa Valley, the Amargosa River cuts a canyon through the Sperry Hills. Here lies China Ranch, an oasis that now hosts a date palm plantation. Surrounding China Ranch are the eroded badlands of the Miocene China Ranch Basin.

Flooded playa, Mojave Desert, California

water, arid